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Survey: Which people and churches in (city), (state) want the Pledge of Allegiance in the classrooms?

North Carolina enacted a law Pledge of Allegiance Bill in 2006, by almost a unanimous vote, to require the Pledge of Allegiance in every classroom in North Carolina. At least 45 states have similar laws. google search

Exceptions as of 2016 were:       Hawaii       Iowa       Nebraska       Vermont       Wyoming

My goal is to enact this as a United States Constitutional ammendment to insure that no state ever takes away the Pledge of Allegiance. First I am contacting every church in North Carolina to insure that they support this law, which I am sure everyone will, and display those results on this website to build up momentum for the other states.
Do you support the Pledge of Allegiance in Schools?

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yes = Indicates that at least one member of the church, or that person, supports the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. Any member of the church can answer for the church. Any United States citizen can answer for themselves.

no or undecided = If it is a church, this answer can only come from an official representative of the church, but can be changed to yes by any other member of that church.

no reply = At least one member of the church has been contacted or left a message but has not replied.

entered = Contact information has be entered for that church into the system.

* = A star by the name indicates that this person is an elected official or is considering running for a political office. Every attempt will be made to get these people elected or reelected who answer yes. All means possible will be used to promote for office any politician who says yes to this survey. All means possible will be used to promote for office the opponent of anyone who says no or refuses to answer this survey. If you are a politician, place a star (*) at the end of your name when you enter it. Edit your name with a star if you later decide to run, or are at least considering it.

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